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Why Everva

At Everva, we believe that the business depends upon the development and maintenance of vital relations with the suppliers, distributors and the consumers. We are constantly working on creating values for our distributors which results in a win-win situation where Everva and our distributors can equally benefit from each other’s success.

Our primary objective is to ensure the success of our distributors. We support our distributors with strategic planning, training, market research and ensure that we work on a common interest of entering and gaining a market share and mutually benefiting each other.


Everva is a quality conscious company. Preserving our brand equity is our top priority. With our carefully formed procedures we are able to make  continuous improvement to the quality of  our products and services. Our dedicated teams keep strict check on every stage of the manufacturing process and ensures the consistency in quality of each product.

Everva has a strong intellectual wealth generated in the form of  CTD dossiers. Our experienced drug regulatory team has an exposure in handling the European, Australian, Latin American, Swiss, ASEAN and other authorities. Our team can skillfully handle all matters related to the registration of our products.

Our aim is to provide high quality products at a very competitive price to our distributors as well as our end consumers. Our business model is entirely focused on lean supply chain and advance production methods resulting in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Most of our facilities are strategically located with the close proximity to the raw materials sources, that lowers the transportation and importation duties. By being a responsible company, we commit to using science and technology to make affordable products accessible to everyone while keeping the quality intact. We thrive to improve access and affordability, better communities, and to put on a healthy mind, body and environment by taking  all the regulatory measures for better product quality.

We have implemented flexible production methods to adjust to the specific needs of the distributors and the market. This helps us to cater different market specifications unlike others that are not flexible. We need to have an optimum balance of market adaptation vs differentiation in order to achieve a competitive edge in the market. While working closely with the distributors by regularly taking their feedback and by conducting an independent market research  we ensure proper product specification and packaging.

Our dedicated logistics team ensures timely and defect free delivery of goods. By providing a free value-added service we assist our distributors in all of the logistical issues. The accuracy of documentation too plays an important part by not delaying shipping, for customs clearance and to get it approved by local authorities as well. By keeping an eye on detailing, we make sure that the sequential steps are carried out correctly.

Wide Range Of Products

Our Products range includes a wide variety of Pharmaceuticals, Oncological products, Supplements and Dermocosmetics